D. A. Carson on the Emergent Church Movement

The following are brief and a bit systematized excerpts from D.A. Carson's book, Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church. I found the ideas therein quite insightful and relevant to the sermon reviews that I wore on Mavuno Church's ongoing series, "The Sex Files". You can locate the first and second parts of the reviews here … Continue reading D. A. Carson on the Emergent Church Movement


Nonsense is Godsense

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” Says the teacher. “Utter meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” [Ecclesiastes 1:2] In the dark, a clothed man might as well be naked, for his apparel is apparently pointless. In the dark, a model may as well neglect make-up, for her audience is rendered sightless. I don’t mind the mark on your face, the scar … Continue reading Nonsense is Godsense