There's a lot of talk in the Christian circles these days about the place of skepticism, criticism and controversy in the church. Many theological (and "maturity") camps have found ways of justifying their positions and being comfortable in them. Those who criticize a given cultural practice are met with stern opposition and statements like "never … Continue reading ON BABIES AND BATHWATERS


Generation X

It's time for True believers to get on their knees and pray for this generation. It's time for prayerful believers to scar their knees for this, our nation. The devil is slowly perfecting his camouflage and we cannot see him with our natural eyes. In the name of feigned spirituality and depth, he's feeding us … Continue reading Generation X

When a Perfect Father Delights in Imperfect Children

Do you only get impressed by celebrity pastors, famous scholars or authors, renowned rappers and other "big" names? Do you often struggle to applaud something your local pastor or unimpressive colleague says, no matter how profound it may sound? Instead, d you find it easier to share and recognize something your favorite celebrity said, no … Continue reading When a Perfect Father Delights in Imperfect Children

Why Are You Afraid? Insecurity in Kenya

The number of deaths from Sunday’s bomb attack on a matatu in Eastleigh has risen to 9. Those injured are in their dozens. Chaos has erupted in the affected neighborhoods as accusatory fingers are pointed by members of one neighborhood across the fence from another neighborhood. I have now lost count of the number of … Continue reading Why Are You Afraid? Insecurity in Kenya