The Reason for the Resolution

Today is the last day of the year, and as usual, it is a day when many of us re-evaluate our priorities in the past years and make resolutions to be better people and pursue better goals in the coming year. There's something about entering a new year that gives one the impression of a … Continue reading The Reason for the Resolution


In the Word & of the Word

I just dug up this (poem??) from my archives from 3 years ago. I hope it inspires you to make God's Word your greatest treasure in 2013 and beyond. Spoken to cause creation, Whispered to comfort Elijah, Shouted to calm the seas, Muttered to still the waves, Mentioned to bring healing, Quoted to silence Satan, … Continue reading In the Word & of the Word

Should Christian Artistes “Take Back” Secular Music?

A friend of mine once remarked that "if you mute the sound to most of today's Gospel music videos, I bet you will not be able to tell whether it is a Christian or a Secular Video playing." He was right, many Christian songs are increasingly conforming to the MTV standards of music videos. The … Continue reading Should Christian Artistes “Take Back” Secular Music?