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ShareIfYouLoveMeIt started with e-mail forwards, before finally migrating onto our Facebook timelines. You know the drill. It will usually be a heart-wrenching picture of a disfigured victim of a disease or assault, or the picture of a baby in ICU with head heavily bandaged and tubes running all over her little face. A caption at the bottom of the picture will often say something to this effect: “Share this if you have a heart. Ignore it if you don’t care.” That is in the mainstream category. There are also the more religious ones, you know, an encouraging calligraphic quote or Bible verse, with the words, “Re-post this message if you love Jesus” as the title of the link. You were just minding your business, you only wanted to log into Facebook, check your messages and notifications and leave without posting anything. No one has to know you were online. But thanks to this guilt-tripping link, you now have to share it… or ignore it and deal with your conscience. Continue reading “IGNORE THIS BLOG-POST IF YOU HATE JESUS!!!”