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Thus Says the LORD!

thus-sayeth-the-lordThere are many reasons to applaud expository preaching. But one reason speaks the loudest to me: The person of God is more important than the personality of the preacher. We are living in the age of sensationalism. There are simply too many competing voices and Christian teachers feel the need to be relevant, creative, catchy and interesting. This is because what attracts us is how eloquently and creatively a certain preacher presents his message. Little is said about the content of his message or its fidelity to biblical truth. I experienced this effect in much of the reaction I got after my review of a sermon series preached at Mavuno Church, last year. Those who stood to speak in defense of the message mainly appealed to the personality of the preacher rather than the Biblical text.

Some of the common defenses included:

“That’s just how this pastor likes preaching,”

“That’s his approach, every Pastor at the church has their unique style” or

“You may find his approach unorthodox, but trust me, it is quite effective.” Continue reading “Thus Says the LORD!”

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Moses Needs Jesus: On Law, Grace and Truth

You’ve probably never paid much attention to this difference, but I am persuaded that it is a notable one. Many bible teachers who have been accused of promoting moralism and social reform at the expense of the Gospel often tend to use many Old Testament examples to make their cases. On the other hand, those teachers who have been accused of promoting apathy and too much liberalism in the Christian life tend to use many New Testament passages in their sermons. This difference in emphasis could be merely coincidental, but there’s something here that cannot simply be overlooked.


Do your homework, go out and look for sermons from teachers who have been accused of teaching moralism, personal improvement and social change at the expense of the Gospel. Continue reading “Moses Needs Jesus: On Law, Grace and Truth”