Sheath Your Hypocrisy, Dear Moral Anarchist (Weka Condom Mpangoni)

This is a response to Mr. Clay Muganda's article which was published in DN2 (26 March, 2013) titled "Sheath your hypocrisy, dear religious leaders". I'd like to remind him that recognizing/acknowledging a moral standard does not make one a hypocrite for personally failing to meet that standard. I am not a hypocrite simply because I … Continue reading Sheath Your Hypocrisy, Dear Moral Anarchist (Weka Condom Mpangoni)


Much Ado About Resurrection

For a long time in my Christian walk, I honestly didn't get the resurrection of Christ. I confess that I am still not quite sure that I truly grasp it . What I mean is that I didn't get what the "big deal" was regarding the resurrection, and why it must be included in our … Continue reading Much Ado About Resurrection

The Truth About The Truth

I've been thinking about stories, and why they are such effective, timeless modes of communication. Children learn best through stories. So do adults. The best writers are storytellers. Stories just have a way of gripping our attention because they invade our imagination. Stories enter the minds of their hearers unannounced and take a seat on … Continue reading The Truth About The Truth