Favorite Quotes from ‘Love Bila Regrets’

I thought I should share some of the quotes that stood out for me as I read John Musyimi and Mark Ambundo’s book Love Bila Regrets. Find my review of the book here. On the point or end-goal of a dating relationship: “Christian dating does not always lead to marriage; however, it must only be pursued in … Continue reading Favorite Quotes from ‘Love Bila Regrets’

Well said…

Every now and then I would post something on Facebook, share a tweet or write a blog post and a reader would comment with only two words: "Well said." This response would often bother me -- a lot. You see, we live in a society where people talk too much but do very little to … Continue reading Well said…

Black is not beautiful

While attending an event recognizing persons living with disability in his constituency, Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth recently tweeted: “Celebrating the International Day of Persons Living with Disability. Inability is not Disability (sic).” This example illustrates an important point about many of our attempts to “normalize” what the prevailing culture otherwise finds abnormal. Chances are … Continue reading Black is not beautiful

Nairobi Chapel takes a stand on women church elders

On June 23, 2018, Nairobi Chapel posted a tweet announcing the appointment of Dr. Janet Mutinda and Prof Marta D. Bennett as the first female elders in the church. “Dr. Janet Mutinda & Prof Marta D. Bennett have today been ratified as the First Female Elders during the Nairobi Chapel AGM 2018 in adherence to … Continue reading Nairobi Chapel takes a stand on women church elders

Be like Dave from Accounting

Apart from Jesus, the people in the Bible are no more worthy of being our examples than the people outside the Bible. A person is not worth emulating simply because they had the "privilege" of being a character in Scripture. There's nothing special about having a "Christian" or "Biblical" name. God has surrounded us with … Continue reading Be like Dave from Accounting

Is it reasonable to believe in God?

  Christianity is often criticized for putting faith and "allegiance to God" above reason. Our arguments are dismissed for being circular, and we are ridiculed for refusing to consider the possibility that we could be wrong about the existence of God. I think many of these criticisms are valid, and more Christians should be willing … Continue reading Is it reasonable to believe in God?

A time to weep… and reflect

Kenya's 2017 General Election has revealed demons that have long captured our souls, and unless we deal with them, it doesn't matter who becomes the president of Kenya. In my short stint as a reporter for the Daily Nation, I experienced many challenges. But that's not news, being a journalist in Kenya is almost synonymous … Continue reading A time to weep… and reflect

Would Jesus Vote for Uhuru or Raila?

Kenya's 2017 General Election is just a month away and I can't help but wonder, how would Jesus vote? If you are a Christian, you have probably wondered how you should go about choosing a presidential candidate. Who do you vote for when every name on the list seems tainted by past and present scandals? … Continue reading Would Jesus Vote for Uhuru or Raila?

Science and Myth, an Unlikely Friendship

I love science. I like to understand and explain every day phenomena and I find science shows and publications the best place to satisfy this curiosity. In fact, some of my favorite Podcasts are science podcasts. RadioLab tops the list. Others include Invisibilia, Hidden Brain, The Naked Scientist and BBC Radio's The Why Factor... just … Continue reading Science and Myth, an Unlikely Friendship

The Shocking Names Kenyan Parents Give Their Children

Did you know that the Kenyan constitution gives every child the right to a name? The Bill of Rights in the Kenyan Constitution (Article 53) clearly outlines the rights of children, including the right of every child to free and compulsory basic education, the right to basic nutrition, and the right to shelter and health … Continue reading The Shocking Names Kenyan Parents Give Their Children

Did Gloria Muliro Steal Chris Tomlin’s Song?

Controversy seems to follow Gloria Muliro wherever she turns, like an unshakable stalker. The latest has to do with her song, Follow You. The singer has been accused of stealing/plagiarizing/sampling (whichever term seems most appropriate), not only the words, but also the tune to the chorus/verse from Chris Tomlin's song, I Will Follow You. Now, … Continue reading Did Gloria Muliro Steal Chris Tomlin’s Song?

How to Tame Kenya’s Rogue Matatus

If you are in Kenya and want something to rant about online, our beloved matatus will never disappoint you. The industry is fresh fodder for daily frustration, both to those who use them and those who are privileged enough to drive themselves around. The government seems to have given up on "enforcing" the various laws … Continue reading How to Tame Kenya’s Rogue Matatus