Blog Break (03 Sep 13)

Hello friends. I hope you're having a great start of September. Here are some interesting reads that I thought will be worth your while. Enjoy: 1. THE MEDIATED LIFE IS NOT WORTH LIVING: "These days nearly everything we do is mediated by and filtered through technology–and this is not necessarily a good thing. Our social … Continue reading Blog Break (03 Sep 13)


God Looks at the Outward Appearance

The Word of God is alive. And one of the ways that this comes out clearly is in how new lessons are often caught from passages that you have read more than a dozen times and have never seen them before. I am tempted to think that this is also one of the evidences of … Continue reading God Looks at the Outward Appearance

Why I’d Rather “Read” than “Listen” to My Bible

The thing with epiphanies is that they tend to happen at the most unlikely moments, and places. For me, however, the bus is proving to be a favorite hot-spot. I was commuting home from work the other day when I decided to listen to my audio-bible and block out the explicit lyrics blaring through the … Continue reading Why I’d Rather “Read” than “Listen” to My Bible