Why I speak with a Christian accent

Sometimes I find myself feeling embarrassed to speak in public because I have a Christian accent. It is second nature for me to say "thank-God" when I am feeling grateful and "God-willing" when I am strongly aware of how weak my best efforts are in the face of fate. That's just where I come from. … Continue reading Why I speak with a Christian accent

Book Review: How the Bible Actually Works

I regularly listen to Pete Enns and Jared Byas' podcast The Bible for Normal People. The two hosts have carved out a helpful niche focusing on why Christians need to put off their overly mystical lenses when approaching the Bible. They acknowledge the difficulties that many Christians encounter when reading they Bible, and they do their best … Continue reading Book Review: How the Bible Actually Works

God and Science: Friends or Foes?

Pick up your Bible and trace the historical story-line of the Israelites, from Abraham down to the New Testament Jesus and His followers. If you read the story like any other story, you will notice a significant trend. Take Moses and the burning bush, for example. Apparently, this event was unusual to Moses. It was … Continue reading God and Science: Friends or Foes?

Blog Break (1 Mar 13)

Here are some interesting reads to end your week and start your March: THE MYTH OF GOVERNMENT NEUTRALITY : "Most Americans, recognizing that a government-sponsored philosophy would conflict with many citizens’ cherished beliefs (and possibly violate the establishment clause), would say that the government should be neutral. But at the same time, they would want … Continue reading Blog Break (1 Mar 13)

The Irony of the Atheist Church

There's an atheist "church" in London. It's called The Sunday Assembly. Started by British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans, the Sunday Assembly meets every month in north London at the site of a former Christian church. The church is basically modeled on a typical Christian church. The main difference between this and other churches, … Continue reading The Irony of the Atheist Church