Blog Break (11 Mar 13)… and Some [Not So] Bad News

Are you ready? Check these out: WHO CREATED GOD? No, the answer is not as simple as you may assume at first (it is not "no one"). This question is usually asked in the context of the argument that says, "If something cannot come from nothing, then where did God come from?" This article provides … Continue reading Blog Break (11 Mar 13)… and Some [Not So] Bad News


Blog Break (8 Feb 13)

Here are links to three interesting reads that I think are worth your weekend reading time: SHOULD WE CHEER FOR GOD? “When you’re watching a football game and your team scores, what do you do? You Cheer! You burst out of your seat and pump your fist and yell and clap and slap five with … Continue reading Blog Break (8 Feb 13)