The Shocking Names Kenyan Parents Give Their Children

Did you know that the Kenyan constitution gives every child the right to a name? The Bill of Rights in the Kenyan Constitution (Article 53) clearly outlines the rights of children, including the right of every child to free and compulsory basic education, the right to basic nutrition, and the right to shelter and health … Continue reading The Shocking Names Kenyan Parents Give Their Children


A Letter to Kenyan Pastors

What will you do when the politicians come knocking this Sunday? Dear Pastor, He will be visiting your church this Sunday, but he won’t be a stranger. You have seen him on television and read about him in the newspaper countless times. You have never met him, but you probably know him better than some of … Continue reading A Letter to Kenyan Pastors

Kenya’s 2013 Post Election Violence

[Written on March 15, 2013] There's a celebratory mood in Kenya. Other than those celebrating the wins of their preferred candidates in various electoral positions, there's another, more subtle celebration. Despite many fears of a recurrence of the 2007/08 post-election violence, the 2013 elections were predominantly peaceful. The few incidences prior to the elections, were, … Continue reading Kenya’s 2013 Post Election Violence