Kenya’s 2013 Post Election Violence

[Written on March 15, 2013] There's a celebratory mood in Kenya. Other than those celebrating the wins of their preferred candidates in various electoral positions, there's another, more subtle celebration. Despite many fears of a recurrence of the 2007/08 post-election violence, the 2013 elections were predominantly peaceful. The few incidences prior to the elections, were, … Continue reading Kenya’s 2013 Post Election Violence

Okay Kenyans, You Can Stop Praying Now

It is a small room. There's probably about 30 to 40 people inside. All the people in the room are praying. Fervently. Faithfully. Resolutely. Unceasingly. You see, one of their own has been thrown into prison. And they are praying for, if not his release, at least his well being. That he won't be killed … Continue reading Okay Kenyans, You Can Stop Praying Now