Forget What Someone Says to You When They’re Angry

"Never forget what people say to you when they're angry, that is when the truth comes out."This is a common maxim, one that we often assume is true. But is it true? Are people most honest or truthful when they are angry?The logic is that when someone is angry, their emotions run high and they … Continue reading Forget What Someone Says to You When They’re Angry


The Church Bus

I think the bus is turning out to be one of my favorite classrooms in life. It happened again today, as I commuted to church this morning. We were running late and there was some traffic build up near Westlands. So, the driver decided to take a detour and pass through some back-roads to avoid … Continue reading The Church Bus

Volunteers in Hell

[Originally written in 2008] God doesn’t send people to hell, they volunteer. The names in the lamb's Book of Life are written in God's handwriting. The names on hell's members list are written by the sinners' own handwriting. As human beings, our self-preserving gene is famous for magnifying the accusing finger. We are known through-out … Continue reading Volunteers in Hell

Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]

It has come to my attention that my last review of Mavuno Church's ongoing series, The Sex Files: Living in an R-Rated World came off to many people as being predominantly [and therefore unfairly] negative. It appeared as if I was out to pick out all the flaws in the sermon and ignore all the … Continue reading Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]

Beautiful Mud

I was a loser, drifting through this cursed planet, aimlessly weaving through broken promises. I was a proud star, scaling the heights of shattered commandments, tip-toeing across sharp pieces of broken trust. I was a loose cannon, a loud cymbal, a lost cause. Love was not a word in my life-tionary, even though it dominated … Continue reading Beautiful Mud