Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

"Did God really say?" is a famous question -- it is the first question asked in the Bible. It is also an infamous question -- it was asked by the Serpent, who represents the deceiver in the Bible. Satan, if you like. With this seemingly well meaning question, the devil threaded the needle that would … Continue reading Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

Is Satan a Christian?

Are you a Christian? How do you know? Are you sure? What criteria do you use to tell if someone is a Christian or not? What are the "essential doctrines" or "fundamentals" that one must agree with and believe to be considered a true convert? And one more thing: Does the devil possess any of these … Continue reading Is Satan a Christian?

Is the Bible a Work of Plagiarism?

I came across this interesting comic on the web (below). A teacher gave her students the following assignment: What is the "Golden Rule" and its source? The answers she got from her students are quite telling. In fact, many atheists use this example to illustrate why they think the Bible is not the Word of God but … Continue reading Is the Bible a Work of Plagiarism?

The Moment of Truth [Game Show]

The Moment of Truth is a 2008/09 American TV game show whereby participants get to answer 21 questions and stand to win a grand prize of $500,000. Prior to going on the show, each participant is administered a polygraph exam. This is done by answering 50 random questions, most of which are intensely personal. 21 … Continue reading The Moment of Truth [Game Show]

The Truth About The Truth

I've been thinking about stories, and why they are such effective, timeless modes of communication. Children learn best through stories. So do adults. The best writers are storytellers. Stories just have a way of gripping our attention because they invade our imagination. Stories enter the minds of their hearers unannounced and take a seat on … Continue reading The Truth About The Truth

Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]

It has come to my attention that my last review of Mavuno Church's ongoing series, The Sex Files: Living in an R-Rated World came off to many people as being predominantly [and therefore unfairly] negative. It appeared as if I was out to pick out all the flaws in the sermon and ignore all the … Continue reading Sanctify Them by Your Truth, Father. [“The Sex Files”]