Faceless Angels

(dedicated to my mwafrika and hopefm chat-buddiez)

Behind these screens we think we hide,
And bare all that burdens us inside,
I know in person; we may never get to meet,
That’s why baring my soul isn’t such a feat.

Sometimes my days get so lonely,
Longing for one understanding soul only,
Some one I can talk to without the fear,
That comes with them being physically near.

I’ve never talked to you before, I know,
And I probably never will after now,
But I don’t mind telling you my fears,
Coz I know somehow you’ll wipe my tears.

Somehow I feel we share a single kinship,
For each letter typed deepens the friendship,
Each word clears the grey from my skies,
And each smiley brings me butterflies.

Oh what would I do if you weren’t there?
Always standing by when no one is near,
When bored at work, you’re just a click away,
Always close to chat the wrinkles away.

Thank you Lord for these faceless angels,
The old and young, married and singles,
Some male today and female tomorrow,
But either way; always deleting the sorrow

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