The Weight in The Wait

I am writing this note in a waiting room. It’s a hospital waiting room. No, I am not the patient, I am the patient one. I’ve brought a friend. The wait is long, the TV is boring and the seat is hard. Yet I wait. I am definately not enjoying it, but the end makes it worth it.

Which leads me to think about our waiting moments. The times when we’ve been, not patients of sick bodies, but patients of time. We wait for many things; to be served in a queue, to be told our next move, and to be saved from our sins. We wait everywhere, on a bench, on our feet and on our backs in bed. We wait all the time, in the morning, day, night and in the evening. Finally, we wait for everything, a compliment, a reward, a result.

Most of life is spent between waits. We have mastered the art of working as we wait. We text in queues, talk in bed and tap on tables. We like to keep busy in our waits, it takes the weight off our idleness. For example, this note is the result of a wait.

Which leads me to the point of this note (thanks for waiting by the way). How do we wait on God? Do we sit still or stand in faith? Do we lie in wait or do we trust in motion. Could our idle waits be the reason why waiting on God burdens us so?

Oh no, my friend is back. Guess we’ll have to wait for the end of this note. Dont waste the wait.

….Picking up from where we left off… (8 hours later)

Could our idle waits be the reason why waiting on God burdens us so? Because, if I recall correctly, God seems to think the exact opposite when He talks about waiting. Isaiah 40:31 says, “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

We know the verse, most of us by heart. We know the songs based on the verse. But when was the last time you listened to that verse? I suggest that we carry out that simple exercise right here and right now.

Pick up your Bible, open up the book of Isaiah, flip the pages to verse 31 of chapter 40 and then press your ears against the page. Listen to the words. Then help me ponder them.

Here’s what God continues to say about those who wait upon Him:

“They will soar on wings like eagles.” – Can you imagine a person waiting while soaring?

“They will run and not grow weary.” – I thought we wait while sitting or standing… not running!

“They will walk and not grow faint.” – We get the point Mr Izzo.

There’s something more to waiting on God. Scratch that, there’s something mobile to waiting on God. I beg to step out and leave you to discuss the details of this claim with God. But before I do, let me leave you with one more question to ponder.

Whenever you say about your circumstances, “I am waiting on God”, have you ever stopped to think that God may be whispering to you through the storm the words, “Actually, I am the one waiting on you, my child.”???

Let’s not keep Him waiting. Let’s learn to rise up andd wait actively, not passively.

Christians don’t lie in wait, they live in wait.

I have an idea on where to start. My friend is not feeling too well tonight. She’s in so much pain, and she needs to rest. Please pray for her recovery as we “wait” for her healing? Thank you.

“The next time you’re told to wait, do something.”

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