15 Essential Facebook Attitudes

I was going through my archives of past writings and look what I just dug up! I had just joined Facebook and I was a new believer when I wrote this (2007 – one year into the faith). It still inspires me. I hope it inspires you too.

15 Essential Facebook Attitudes

  1. You and Satan are no longer friends (Born Again).
  2. You added Jesus as a friend and He is at the top of your friend-list. (Jesus is your closest Friend).
  3. You have replaced your old profile picture with a new one of Christ. So that when people look at your profile, they see Christ. (Identity in Christ).
  4. Your status updates are not gossip updates but status UP-dates (Edifying thoughts).
  5. You invite Christ to all the events & groups that you attend and join. (Fellowship).
  6. You are tagged in all of Jesus’ notes. (Testimony).
  7. Your wall-to-wall with Jesus is overflowing like a chat-room. (Bible Study).
  8. You keep ignoring Satan’s friend requests but he just won’t quit. (Holiness).
  9. You have not given Lucifer your account password. (Purity).
  10. You and Jesus are now in a relationship (Worship and Service).
  11. You are no longer listed as SIN-gle (Part of a Christian Fellowship).
  12. You don’t “like” your own status updates (Humility).
  13. You have suggested Jesus to all your friends. (Evangelism).
  14. You inbox Jesus first thing in the morning, and more than you inbox any other friend. (Prayer).
  15. You always Face His Book before you Facebook. (Scripture over all other scripts).

If you’re a Facebook junkie like I’ve been for a long time (I am currently in rehab – I think), it is my prayer that these pointers will inspire you to think about your Christianity even in the way you use Facebook. Perhaps what we need most in our quest to be good stewards of our social media habits is to keep reminding ourselves about what matters most – God’s glory.


In His service and for His glory,


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