Generation X

It’s time for True believers to get on their knees and pray for this generation.
It’s time for prayerful believers to scar their knees for this, our nation.

The devil is slowly perfecting his camouflage and we cannot see him with our natural eyes.
In the name of feigned spirituality and depth, he’s feeding us supernatural lies.
Satan doesn’t need to curse in his lyrics, he has replaced every cuss word with a God word.
The devil has infiltrated the ministry, made it an industry, diluted and deleted God’s Word.

We are a generation of individuals who call ourselves into service and ministry,
No need for revelation, we can Google all we need, all we need is Chemistry,
Spiritual rhymes, emotional lies, rehearsed sighs, re-mastered tongues,

We need discernment, we need revelation.
We need spiritual sight,
We need to pray,
We need to study God’s Word,
We need true DEVOTION, not another feel-good-devotional.

This generation doesn’t need new THEOLOGY, we need THEOS.
This generation doesn’t need a new FLAVOR, we need FAVOR.
This generation doesn’t need a new BEAT, we need His heart BEAT.
This generation doesn’t need more HYPE, we need more HOPE.
This generation doesn’t need another taste to SAVOR, we need a taste of the SAVIOR
This generation doesn’t need GOOD VIBES, we need the GOOD NEWS.

We need Jesus.
The Jesus of the Bible.
The Jesus of Nazareth.
The Jesus of the Cross.
We need Salvation.
We need a Savior.

The Jesus who died for this Generation… We need to live for Him.


For the fame of His name,


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