The Battle for Your Soul

When the Spirit of God moves in and one believes in Jesus Christ, sin from then on becomes a decision that one consciously (albeit painfully) makes. The battle between flesh and spirit is a glaring reality for every believer. Too often, we find ourselves cornered, and instead of letting the flesh die, we reluctantly and bitterly surrender to sin.

A true believer does sin (for some, this may be quite often), but he never delights in sin.

Sin stabs the believer’s heart.

It pierces his conscience. Remorse trails behind every sinful act in a believer’s life.

That’s why we call them skeletons in our closets. They are dead, but not buried.

We are not proud of them.

Still, Christ urges us not to lose hope. And even when we lose the battle, Jesus has won the war.

Self-condemnation is of the devil. Do not wallow in it. God’s Grace is sufficient. Marinate in it.

The last page of your story cannot be changed. You win… through CHRIST.

Yes, Christ wins… in US.

Meanwhile, hold on. Persevere. Fight the good fight of faith. Keep believing and keep trusting.

Even when your actions don’t echo your resolve. Be resolute anyway.

For the fame of His name,


[Originally posted in Faith Talk Ministries]

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