Blog Break (21 Jan 13)

Here are some links to articles and blogs that I found insightful and worth sharing today:

  1. ““You can’t legislate morality” has become a common turn off phrase. The truth, however, is that every law and regulation that is proposed, passed, and enforced has inherent in it some idea of the good that it seeks to promote or preserve.” In WHY WE CAN’T HELP BUT LEGISLATE MORALITY, Micah Watson argues (rather persuasively) that morality is the only thing we can and should legislate.
  2. The question of suffering is one that continues to puzzle many Christians, despite Jesus’ promise that those who follow Him must expect it. In HOW DO WE KNOW IF GOD IS DISCIPLINING US? D.A. Carson expertly deals with the question of what is happening when bad things happen to Christians. “Should these happenings be seen as God’s discipline, or God’s sovereign use of evil for our good, or results of sin and the Fall, or all of the above?” The answer is not as obvious as you may think.
  3. Finally, why do you believe what you believe about certain things? Is it because its what “Christians are supposed to believe”, what certain influential Christian leaders and teachers believe… or is it because you have a personal conviction about the issue? I found this post RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU AGREE by Jonathan Parnell to be a rather accurate diagnosis of why many people who claim to be Pro-Life would still not think twice about having an abortion if and when things got personal.


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