Blog Break (24 Jan 13)

Here are the links to blog-posts that I think are worth the break from whatever you’re doing today:

  1. Why are you a member of your local church? MARK DRISCOLL ISN’T MY PASTOR provides a sober and sobering perspective on what it means to be a member of a local church, despite the controversies and imperfections that may saturate that or other churches. “In the context of local church, it’s not my job to police the world, it’s my job to serve quietly, lead well, counsel gently, love deeply, walk humbly, do justly in the lives with whom I’m covenanted.”
  2. You’ve probably seen me use this phrase in some of my blog-posts, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “PREACH CHRIST”? David Murray gives it a shot. Preaching Christ is much more than just mentioning the name of Jesus in your message, or using Jesus as an example in a sermon, or even linking passages to the crucifixion of Christ.
  3. Finally, this poem by one of Kenya’s finest poets, Number 8’s NEW TESTAMENT is not just word-play, it is word-pray. This is one of the reasons I thank God for the gift of poetry. Enjoy.

Have a blessed reading time, friends.

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