Blog Break (6 Feb 13)

Here we go:

  1. HOW CAN I SELL A GODLY MESSAGE WITHOUT SELLING OUT? is an answer to my own prayer and question. I’d just put up the post on “My Blogging Idolatry” when I came across this post. Mark Driscoll responds to the concern of every Christian blogger who strives to remain faithful to God, relevant to his readers while at the same time resisting the temptation to create a buzz for the sake of a buzz. “Guard against false prophets in search of false profits.”
  2. ON THE LABEL ‘GAY CHRISTIAN’ by Wesley Hill: “Claiming the label “celibate gay Christian” means, for me, recognizing my homosexual orientation as a kind of “thorn in the flesh.” When the apostle Paul used that phrase in his correspondence with the Corinthian church, he made clear that his “thorn” was indeed an unwelcome source of pain.”
  3. How many times have you asked Jesus into your heart? Well, you need to stop. In STOP ASKING JESUS INTO YOUR HEART, J. D. Greear talks about his book by the same title: “I wrote this book to help people find assurance – to tell people like me who ask Jesus into their hearts over and over they can stop doing that and start resting in the promises of the gospel.”


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