A Valentine’s Day Cypher – The Conclusion

This is the last installment in a four-part poetry cypher. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before continuing…



A moment of hesitation,
A heart full of affection,
Crossed thoughts… Confusion,
A need for a conclusion,
I need to say something, yet no words come to mind…
He just spoke his heart, I just stand there blank…
It’s simple really, he puts me… on a pedestal… I don’t deserve to be up so tall.
With him I wear a halo, from the moment he says ‘hallo’
I want to be his imperfect,
Perfectly perfecting our perfect…
So, let’s do this together… Don’t make it about how to ‘get-her’
What do you say?
Or even better, let’s face the ONE who’s perfect,
What does HE have to say?

BOY ::

“Oh girl… I am suddenly overcome with fear,
Gripped by regret,
Kissed by doubt,
Embraced by hesitation,
D…Di…Did I come on too strong?
I am not strong. But feelings for you are….and that makes me weak.
I am not honest. But my intentions are….and that makes me guilty.
I am not perfect. But my love for you is…and that makes me tainted.
I am not living in Utopia,
Putting you on such a pedestal,
But what I feel is unfamiliar,
It feels… O so unreal…
Yet I know that’s not all it takes for love.
Feelings are just a mask. A cloak to hide my humanity. An opium to heighten my senses. A drug that sets me high on you…
Yet I just wanna be real…
I want to more than feel…
I want to be active, not still…
I want to be gentle, not steel…
Looking in your eyes…those beautiful misty eyes…
I am tempted to raise my hand…and forever wipe away your tears…but I feel I have no right.
Distrust clouds your vision.
Doubt postpones your decision.
And the wait deepens the incision in my heart.

Did I make a mistake by unveiling my intentions?

What proof do you need?
Name the conditions, I’ll consider them…
Tell me your fears, I’ll study them…
Expose just a piece, I wanna see your heart.
Tell me what to promise….and I’ll see if I can keep them.
But first, I must talk to your Father,
Because all our words are meaningless, if His will is not in us,
Even though I posed the question, you don’t hold the answer,
Let us, TOGETHER, talk to the One who does,
What does HE have to say?

:: THE END ::

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