Blog Break (22 Mar 13)

Here are a few interesting reads to keep your mind occupied throughout the weekend:

  1. YOU DESERVE THIS POST, This is satire at its best, make sure you get it! Mike Leake; “Finally. After 31 years of trying to convince people, someone finally gets it. I am awesome and I deserve awesome things.”
  2. SINGLE, SATISFIED AND SENT, This one’s for the single boys and girls out there, Marshall Segall: “If you’re single, Satan is after you.” Read on and find out how to evade him.
  3. F.L.E.E. – A STRATEGY FOR PURSUING SEXUAL PURITY, I found this article quite helpful; “So how are you doing at fleeing? Maybe you are fleeing into sexual immorality. Or maybe you’re just thinking about it . . . all the time. You’re already there, of course. Maybe you’re running, but in circles. Images are glued to the walls of your brain. Or maybe this whole subject just adds to the feeling of shame.”
  4. Lastly, I agree that this is THE BIGGER ISSUE IN CHRISTIAN HIP HOP DEBATE, Alex Medina; “A Christian who desires to make an entire album about nature and it’s beauty is not being unfaithful to the Gospel of Christ. They need no justification to create art. They are free to create art about everything that belongs to their God, everything.”

That ought to keep you nourished for the weekend. Have a blessed day, friends.

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