Blog Break (10 Apr 13)

Hi friends. I hope you’ve been well. There’s a lot to be grateful for (everything actually), but the highlight of this week has been the inauguration of Kenya’s fourth President, H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta. Please pray for Kenya and its leaders, that God’s justice will prevail through the sword that He has entrusted to mere mortals. Now, here are some interesting reads for today:

  1. DON’T LET YOUR STRENGTHS BE YOUR WEAKNESSES. I found this article on Harvard Business Review quite insightful. It highlights how making a big deal of your strengths can actually be an undoing. “Although several important things got overlooked, we want to call attention to a very real danger: Strengths can become weaknesses when overused.
  2. In THE NEW TELEVANGELISTS, Chris Nye brings to our attention the hard reality that many of us could have already fallen into the trap of new televangelists. No, these are not your typical prosperity-gospel-preaching guys on TBN, they are a different breed of televangelists, and the problem is not with their teachings, but with their listeners. I plead guilty.
  3. WHY MOST TWENTY SOMETHINGS ARE DELUSIONAL. Donald Miller outlines three reasons why most people in their twenties are delusional; 1. They believe they are special. 2. They believe the work their parents did is the work they did. 3. They believe passion displaces work.” Ouch!
  4. Finally, YOUR BRAIN IS HOOKED ON BEING RIGHT. I know mine is. And I need all the reminders and help I can get.

Be inspired. But even more importantly, may these knowledge have a practical impact on your life, by God’s grace.

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