Blog Break (25 Apr 13)

Here are some great links to feed your mind and form your heart.

  1. THE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE SIN: “There’s one sin in particular that has pervaded our society and churches so silently we hardly give it a second thought, and that is the constant hunt for more over what is enough. Or, in an uglier terminology, what is known as gluttony.” Guilty.
  2. I’M JUST NOT WIRED THAT WAY: “I worry, though, about the possibility that embracing how I’m “wired” can become an excuse, a temptation to avoid opportunities/responsibilities simply because I don’t enjoy them or because they’re hard for me. When that happens, my strengths turn into weaknesses and I become my own enemy.”
  3. FACEBOOK FRIENDS AND SIN: “If you are a Christian and you are on Facebook, eventually you will ask yourself this question: “how am I supposed to respond to my so-called friends who promote sin on their wall?”…”
  4. WHY IS CHRISTIAN ART SO BAD?: “Rather than heaping more negativity onto the canvass of Christian criticism, I’d like to offer some positive tutorials the Bible offers on “art”. The Bible is an art masterpiece, created by a Master Artist. Here some of its pearls:…”

Have a blessed day, friends.

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