Blog Break (14 May 13)

Feed your mind and soul with these wonderful reads today:

  1. THE PLASTIC FRUIT OF ONLINE LIVING. Lindsey Carlson; “It can get pretty comfortable on the sofa of social media. I like living in an online world where there’s no need for my community to truly bear with me. I’d rather bask in the love of my digital perfection than stumble and fall before real people who will call me out and hold me accountable.” Ouch!
  2. BUSYNESS IS NOT A VIRTUE. This one was definitely meant for me, “When you go on to other people, or to yourself, about being so busy, you’re often engaging in doublespeak. Let’s dig a little deeper to translate what you actually mean when you get in the habit of saying or acting like you’re too busy.”
  3. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE IN THE AGE OF FACEBOOK. Alex Chediak; “An endless assortment of instantly-available media and non-stop social interactions are making uninterrupted study less common for young adults in our day (and for all of us). Such distractions radically short-circuit the learning process, preventing students from reaching their God-given potential for usefulness in the kingdom and workplace.”
  4. WHY DOESN’T GOD ALWAYS HEAL THE SICK? Sam Storms proposes 7 reasons from the Bible, and an encouragement for those struggling with unanswered prayers for healing.
  5. Lastly, PORNOGRAPHY AND THE BRAIN, 9 things you should know. “Knowing how [the brain] is wired together and where it is sensitive can help us understand why pornography affects people the way it does.”

Have a blessed day and week ahead, friends.


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