Blog Break (25 May 13)

Some interesting links for your weekend reading:

  1. THE LITMUS TEST OF GENUINE CHRISTIANITY. “Christ-like love is a beautiful thing. To love unconditionally, regardless of another person’s maturity or theological depth or moral purity, is to love like God loves. It reveals a heart transformed by the gospel. Likewise, true holiness is a beautiful thing. Avoiding conformity to this world is a sign of a heart satisfied with promises and pleasures found in the gospel that exceed anything the world can offer.”
  2. WHY WERE JOB’S FRIENDS REBUKED? Mike Leake; “Job’s friends passed their Old Testament class in seminary. Sort of. They got the multiple choice questions correct but they blew it on the essay where they were to apply their theology.  The problem is that they take something that is true and offer it as the only explanation for Job’s suffering.”
  3. DO YOU THINK BEFORE YOU POST? “There is a reason we don’t vent about or post potentially embarrassing pictures of our spouse or our mother-in-law: the real possibility that they will see what we have posted. No such danger exists with a young child . . . or does it?
  4. W.W. Jay Z? Russell Moore; “The gifts of the body, left isolated, result in the chaos of competing self-interests. But used together, they build the church. The various musical expressions of the big themes of God and the world can, left isolated, cramp the prophetic word. But when these forms—including hip-hop—are in concert with one another, they can call Christians to learn old truths in surprising ways.”

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