Great Reads (11 Nov 13)

Here are a few links worth spending your free time on. I pray that they will bless you, and that God will speak to you through them… even when the authors fail to. Enjoy!

  1. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Simon Wenham confronts the popular Freudian idea that religion only survives because people want it to exist. I particularly loved this quote by Czeslaw Milosz: “A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death- the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, murders, we are not going to be judged.”
  2. FREE TO SAY WE’VE SINNED. This was liberating: “When you hide your sin, pretending to be a perfect Christian, you’re actually telling the world that God is a liar. Did Jesus, or did Jesus not, need to suffer and die for your present sins? When you feign perfection, you’re saying you didn’t need Him to do this for you.”
  3. A BETTER COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. David Mathis makes a much needed call to the older men and women in the church today: “We need your wisdom. We need your experience. You have made the long journey, watched fads come and go, rejoiced with those who have rejoiced, wept with those who have wept, endured the dark night of the soul. As the young men see visions, we need you to dream dreams.”
  4. LAZY HOLINESS. “I grew up understanding that once I become a Christian, I had to take over and make sure I stayed a Christian. I needed to make sure my walk with Jesus was a healthy, whole and pure walk. Daily devotions and bible reading were important, because if I didn’t do those things I felt I was in danger of losing my salvation. It wasn’t until the age of 17 when God got ahold of me and opened my eyes did new convictions shape who I am today.”

For the fame of His name,


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