Great Reads (28-01-14)

First, I apologize for taking long before updating the blog. It’s been crazy at the office, especially the past one week, but I’ll be back. Meanwhile, enjoy these wonderful reads.

  1. IS IT TIME FOR THE CHURCH TO RE-EVALUATE LECRAE? Addison, “In his attempt to reach and engage today’s hip hop culture, the popular rapper has made some decisions that are destructive to the souls of men. Lecrae may be able to work with secular artists and not be influenced by their music content – but our youth are not.”
  2. WORDS FOR THE WIND Piper, “O how quickly we are given to defending God, or sometimes the truth, from words that are only for the wind. If we had discernment, we could tell the difference between the words with roots and the words blowing in the wind.”
  3. NOBODY GETS THE CHURCH THEY WANT Jamieson, “Nobody—that’s right, nobody—gets the church they want. We all have opinions, preferences, and sometimes even convictions that won’t perfectly match any actual assembly of God’s people. We all will have to put others’ interests before our own, and sacrifice what we want for the sake of what the whole body needs.”
  4. HEAD KNOWLEDGE, HEART KNOWLEDGE Challies, “I believe we need to affirm the importance of believing what is true without disparaging the facts and knowledge necessary to even know what is true. Head knowledge is good; heart knowledge is good.”
  5. WHY CHRISTIANS SHOULD CREATE Perkins, “Sticking to the accepted forms of art is unnatural for how art operates. Art is supposed to take us to new places and break down walls in our perceptions.”

Have a blessed day and week ahead.

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