What Do You Want To Do In Life?

I was going through my 2007 journal the other day and I came across an interesting entry. On January 3, 2007, I found myself grappling with the possibility that I may not be cut out to be an Engineer. I was in the second semester of my second year in college studying Civil Engineering, with three more years to go.

In the entry (below), you will meet a young man grappling with what he is “called” to do in life. It was so fuzzy at the time. All I knew is that I had zero interest in Engineering and I was a gifted communicator (as overheard).

Also, I was just slightly over one year into my Christian walk, and I was very active in church: writing bulletin messages, performing poetry, not much (if any) blogging though. No wonder the only plausible alternative to being an Engineer was “ministry”, working in church at the time.

But as life would have it, things turned out rather different. Back then I had no clue I would become a Journalist. It’s amazing how “life happens.” It’s amazing how God leads us.

I hope this excerpt encourages the many young people still “figuring it out” and fumbling through life choices. Give your confusion to God, you may not see the end from the beginning, but God does. Trust Him. He’ll work it out eventually. Meanwhile, follow the signs. Pay attention to the promptings.

All the best!


Here is the transcript:

“Today I also had some disturbing thoughts about my future. I get this feeling now and then that maybe my calling is not in Engineering but in ministry, or even if not exactly ministering (by this I meant working in a church organization), but the role of an inspirational *talker, artist, poet or just a writer (motivational).

I was really tempted to venture into this idea but I am unsure. I’m worried *coz I seem so disinterested in Engineering. I really don’t have any passion for it and it seems I am only doing it for the prestige… “I MUST DECREASE FOR HIM TO INCREASE.”


Lord help me make wise decisions about my future. Help me know what I want to do in my life. Just let me do Your will and achieve whatever goals you have set for me in life…”

For the fame of His name,


One thought on “What Do You Want To Do In Life?

  1. I like that you still have your journal from those days :). I think that prayer was well and truly answered.

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