Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

"Did God really say?" is a famous question -- it is the first question asked in the Bible. It is also an infamous question -- it was asked by the Serpent, who represents the deceiver in the Bible. Satan, if you like. With this seemingly well meaning question, the devil threaded the needle that would … Continue reading Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

Why I speak with a Christian accent

Sometimes I find myself feeling embarrassed to speak in public because I have a Christian accent. It is second nature for me to say "thank-God" when I am feeling grateful and "God-willing" when I am strongly aware of how weak my best efforts are in the face of fate. That's just where I come from. … Continue reading Why I speak with a Christian accent

Searching for Jesus, finding Krishna

It is Wednesday evening, at around 6:30 pm, and I am sitting on a small mat, my legs crossed into a tight knot. The large doors, the high ceiling and the artwork on the walls evoke a sacred, reverent feeling in me. I am caressing a set of beads between my fingers as I chant … Continue reading Searching for Jesus, finding Krishna

Where is God in Esther?

The book of Esther is famous for being the only book of the Bible that does not mention God. Where is God in Esther? Is He just working "behind the scenes", inferred and "providential", rather than explicit? And is the God of Esther the God of the gospel that we believe in as Christians? I … Continue reading Where is God in Esther?

Why I Didn’t Sing in Church Last Sunday

When I walked into the church on Sunday, I immediately knew it will be a long morning. I had arrived on time, and that was the problem. You see, I just didn't feel like singing today. In fact, I haven't felt like singing for a while now. These days I am actually happy when I … Continue reading Why I Didn’t Sing in Church Last Sunday

God and Science: Friends or Foes?

Pick up your Bible and trace the historical story-line of the Israelites, from Abraham down to the New Testament Jesus and His followers. If you read the story like any other story, you will notice a significant trend. Take Moses and the burning bush, for example. Apparently, this event was unusual to Moses. It was … Continue reading God and Science: Friends or Foes?

Blog Break (14 Jun 13)

Hi friends. It's been a long while since I last blogged. Busy days. However, that shouldn't stop me from sharing some of the interesting reads I've come across in my time away. Here are a few: IS GOD ALSO IN HELL? "We have a God who is referred to as everywhere present (omnipresent) yet who … Continue reading Blog Break (14 Jun 13)