Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

"Did God really say?" is a famous question -- it is the first question asked in the Bible. It is also an infamous question -- it was asked by the Serpent, who represents the deceiver in the Bible. Satan, if you like. With this seemingly well meaning question, the devil threaded the needle that would … Continue reading Learning to ask “Did God really say?” again.

Blog Break (08 May 13)

Here are some great links that I believe will be worth your while: WE ARE HYPOCRITES, Amy Henry: "According to a new Barna study, 51 percent of Christians have attitudes and actions more like those of the hypocritical, self-righteous Pharisees than of Jesus." IS BAD DOCTRINE A SIN? Michael Patton: "I suppose that I want … Continue reading Blog Break (08 May 13)