Blog Break (08 May 13)

Here are some great links that I believe will be worth your while:

  1. WE ARE HYPOCRITES, Amy Henry: “According to a new Barna study, 51 percent of Christians have attitudes and actions more like those of the hypocritical, self-righteous Pharisees than of Jesus.”
  2. IS BAD DOCTRINE A SIN? Michael Patton: “I suppose that I want bad doctrine to always be sin. That way, it is easy for me to explain why people don’t agree with me. If we are not on the same page theologically, the answer is simple: they are in sinful rebellion to the truth. Next…”
  3. 60 RESOURCES FOR BATTLING PORN. I know that many of us would rather leave this sin unaddressed than lose sleep over it. But I encourage you not to give up the fight. I hope you will find these resources helpful.
  4. THE SACRED-SECULAR DIVIDE, “Over the years of laboring to press the gospel deeply into students of increasingly postmodern orientation and sensibilities, Matt has discovered that one of the most important topics to tackle with freshman collegiates and new believers is the so-called “sacred-secular divide.” We all participate in this to certain degrees, and the lessons are relevant far beyond the college campus and this perhaps strangest of life’s seasons.”
  5. Lastly, in MY GREATEST UNDOING, Serah Njambi cuts straight to the heart-chase with this one; “My greatest undoing, Is that I quote verses on these twitter streets, And are quick to condemn on Facebook walls, In exactly the same way Pharisees did in Bible times, I blog my prayers, And parade my righteousness for all to see.”

Enjoy and have a blessed day.

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