Everlasting Lovesong

In perfect rhythm we step to the beat,
The melodious tune synching our feet,
Our hands and hearts forever interlocked,
As the lyrics leave our feelings interlaced,

Each word is a divine and eternal promise,
There’s never been a greater joy than this,
A celebration of love formed in Christ,
A love perfected in reverence of His might,

The song that we sing is inspired by Him,
It ignites in us a flame that will never dim,
And as we move in closer for the kiss,
We realize it couldn’t be better than this,

Just the other day I was lost and confused,
I didn’t know how you needed to be loved,
That’s when I turned to the words of the song,
And there, I found all we needed to belong,

So, today we dance to the written promise,
And as we dig and delve into this abyss,
Its deep truths slowly sink and enlighten us,
Assuring us that God’s love will shield us,

Let us make a promise in our earthly stay,
That His word will be our songbook from today,
That we’ll meditate upon it in every chance,
For both you and I know; it is our perfect dance.

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