Empty Hands

A Christian you’ve called me to be\
This is what you require of me\
To open my eyes n see\
With your word agree\
From the devil to flee\
And from sin be free\

Yes Lord I have your salvation\
You’ve helped my situation\
You seek my submission\
You’ve answered my every question\
And set me on a mission\
To spread out your vision\

But my hands are tied\
To your face I’ve lied\
From your works I’ve fled\
Though for my iniquities you bled\
And for my sins you died\
Still your name I denied\

Though my lips speak of you\
My feet have ran from you\
My hands do not obey you\
I do not practice what’s true\
Righteousness isn’t what I do\
My life doesn’t worship you\

So today hands and feet I bind\
To the old n sick I’ll be kind\
To the poor I won’t be blind\
This time my eyes won’t stray\
From suffering I won’t look away\
My empty hands will worship n obey\

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