New places, races n faces/
How inevitable change seems/
New cultures, greetings n embraces/
Where does my heart even begin? /
I listen to their unfamiliar laughs/
And stare at their suspicious smiles/
My heart on guard/
My spirit not at ease/
Will I ever find peace?/
People never change in a day/
It takes days 2 lead a heart astray/
How long will it take to lose myself in this maze?/
And trade my culture n faith 4 this craze?
But I only need a second to look the other way/
I only need a moment to turn and walk away/
One flight n I’ll b back home/

But then I look at the sky above/
n I see a father lookin’ down with love/
His face shining bright on me/
Tellin’ me never to fear/
Coz His hand is always near/
He whispers “look to me dear”/
n wipes away my every tear/
n suddenly…

The places don’t seem so strange/
The faces don’t seem so cold/
Their laughs n smiles are inviting/
And their embraces not revolting/
Coz the father’s light in me/
Reflects on all that I see/
So whether I encounter joy or grief/
I know my daddy will keep me safe.

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