Christmas in My Heart

Its cold; pitch dark outside/
Pain on every side/
Corruption countrywide/
The sin…. worldwide/
I try to look aside/
Ignoring the pain inside/

Ignoring His voice/
He longs for my embrace/
But His name I deface/
For my sins, I have no defense/
I choose to sit on the fence/
Afraid to make a choice/

Afraid of the danger/
I made Him a stranger/
So, He chose a manger/

A place to lay His head/
For He had big plans ahead/
Plans to save my head/
Looking for a bride to wed/
He chose me instead/
Towards me; His path led/

So this season I’ll play my part/
Away from sin; I will depart/
His eternal light I will impart/
And His word in me won’t be inert/
His heart I will no more hurt/
The baby will find rest in my heart/

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