They laugh with you and even cry with you,
They show you just what it means to be true,
Always there to wipe the tears from your face,
Always ready to provide a warm embrace,

Every night just before I sink into my bed,
I always know I’ll receive a call from a friend,
And when morning steals my dreams away,
I always know a friend will make my day,

Just yesterday my heart was broken in two,
I couldn’t think of any place I could run to,
And just then a friend called to simply say hi,
That’s when I knew I didn’t even have to try,

So today I re-voice this resounding gong,
Declaring where my heart will always belong,
Among those who treasure my every wish,
Those who always protect everything I cherish,

A million words I could use to describe them,
A thousand phrases I could use to praise them,
A hundred lifetimes I would give to keep them,
But to define them would be to confine them,

So I will name them with a common name,
Just as we used to name every play and game,
“Friends” is what I’ve chosen to call them you see,
Although “angels” is what they always prove to be,

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