Good Night

“Good Night!” You probably used those two words not more than 24 hours ago, assuming you’re reading this during the day. The phrase is a common conclusion to many evening communication. It is the clause that closes many night conversations and the two words that we edit, rephrase and re-spell in order to fit text messages or chat boxes. Good Night. You probably just interrupted reading this note to use the phrase to a loved one, a friend.

I am sure everyone reading this has used the phrase at least once in their lives. I can bet on it. But not everyone who’s used it has ever thought about it. We casually cast the two-word wish in late night chit-chats and lovers’ love-talks. But we never really ponder about their implications.

But Let me ask you a simple but profound question. You’ve probably heard the question before. Maybe even used it yourself as a rhetoric. But I bet you’ve never tried to answer it. It’s a no-brainer question. And you’re probably wondering why I would waste so many words to explain two straight-forward words. Here it is;

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
Ok, you probably didn’t get the gist. So I’ll repeat my question;

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
You’re probably thinking, What’s up with you Ngare? Why make a big fuss about such a simple statement? Of course there are many good things about the night. Depending on the type of night of course. There’s the cool air, the gentle breeze, sweet dreams, the moon. Not to mention the stars. Of course there are countless things that are good about the night! So why don’t you drop this and find a better topic to consume our reading time with? You’re better than this, dude.

Ok, it seems you still haven’t heard me. I repeat my question;
“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”

Still don’t get it? Let me break it down for you…. By repeating it.
“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”

I know it’s getting redundant and you’re probably about to close this page and move on to more interesting stuff. But before you do, let me float a disturbing thought over your brain. Don’t you think it gets redundant to God’s ears when you complain every single day about your “nights”?

Huh? Now where did that come from Ngare? What does this have to do with anything?

Indulge me:
Nights are dark. We fear the dark. We associate Darkness with the Devil, the two even begin with the same “d”readful letter! We use the night to draw metaphors about tough times, ill-health, empty pockets, broken relationships, shattered faith…. We have all been through these dark times. The numbing nights of the soul.

But let me risk asking the chorus question one last time;
“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”

Suddenly this is something to think about, right? Suddenly you’ve just seen the irony of it all, haven’t you? Now, do you still think am being petty? I didn’t either.

Even more interesting is the fact that the same answers we gave initially to the question before we really thought about it, are the same answers God gives us about our dark-night moments in life.

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
The stars that give us glimpses of God’s light of hope.

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
The cool breeze of God’s promises that sweeps over our faces and wipes our tears away.

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
The dreams that fill our sleep with visions of a better tomorrow… and a brighter future.

“What’s so GOOD about the NIGHT?”
The moon that reflects the SON’s glory into our lives. Saving us. Changing us. Healing us. Restoring us. Loving us.

So the next time you wish someone a GOOD NIGHT, take a moment and pause. Be silent and listen. I bet you will hear God’s still small voice telling you the very same two words. GOOD NIGHT …my child 🙂

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