Lunch Date

He sits across the table, facing me. A square table between us, serving me. The sumptuous aroma of spices surrounds us. He doesn’t say a word, He just sits and stares.
He stares at my feeble fingers curled around the fork.
He studies the way my mouth moves as I bite and chew.
He doesn’t mind me talking with my mouth full. He is too lost in the fact that am able to talk… or chew at all.
His eyes are on my face. My eyes are on my plate.

“How’s the meal?” He asks, softly.
“Delicious!” I reply amidst slurps of soup and bites of beef.
Silently, He watches my every move. From the plate to the pallate, he seems to delight in my delight.

A divine delight. A satisfaction that can only be seen in the eyes of a mother upon her feeding infant.
A delight that can only be revealed in a father watching his family at a dinner table.
A delight and a pride that can never be equalled nor replaced.

A delight that can only be shattered by a single selfish act known as UNGRATEFULNESS!

A damsel leaves the restaurant; her system full of every spice, flavor and nutrient, yet devoid of any thanks.
A family leaves the dinner table complaining that they are tired of having vegetables every single meal.

A teenager frets over a glass of tap water, demanding bottled water.

Having lunch today? Had lunch today? Did you see the silent party at your party? Did you notice the invisible source of your meal? Did you even see the one who gave you eyes? Did you listen to the one who gave you ears?
Have you thought about the one without who gave you the ability to think?

Finally, did your mouth thank your invisible date today? Did you talk to the one who makes it possible to speak… and eat?

He sits beside you in the mathree, thank Him for the ride.
He flexes your throat muscles when you swallow, thank Him for the drinks.
He sharpens your teeth, thank Him for the bites.

He’s your ever present lunch date. Have you thanked Him today?

Worship Him with thanksgiving today… and then tip the waiter, as a gift to Christ.

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