Morning Devotion

The commotion in heaven is indescribable; feet shuffle as angels take up position, fiddles fizzle, trumpets tone down as cymbals silence. The music dies down to a constant hum. With every angelic ear alert and every eye on the throne, a voice booms in the heavenly courts.

It is the most beautiful voice ever heard in heaven. Angels envy the voice, trumpets wish they could speak so beautifully. It is the voice that causes rejoicing in God’s courts, it is the voice that shuts up all of heaven’s voices.

It is a voice both longed for and treasured in heaven. It is longed for because it’s rare. It is treasured because it’s the only voice that puts a smile on the King’s face. It is your voice, when you call heaven, and ask for God.

Have you talked to God this morning? Does He have a copy of your day-planner?
God loves the sound of shuffling pages, have you read you bible today?
God loves the color of your eyes, have you looked into His truth today?
God loves the sound of your voice, especially the way you say these two words; “Dear God”… That just melts Hir heart, and makes Him want to even bless you more.

How do you feel when the person you love promises to call then doesn’t? God feels worse.

Call upon His name today, and watch Him bless His own today.

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