Sprinkles of Love

A forest fire can be ignited by a single match,
Soon, it’s strength; no firefighter can match,
Initially small and seemingly harmless, weak,
Yet catastrophic; the damage from a single stick

A single kind word; so simple and painfully true,
Yet immeasurable is all the change it can do,
You say it to one person; thinking naught of it,
But you’re left baffled by all the pain it can beat,

You lent a hand to the tired and ailing old lady,
Thinking nought of what could be her malady,
And when she turned to you and painfully smiled,
You realize; that hand of God, was all she needed,

You’re walking in the street, minding your business,
He bumps into you; a man struck with blindness,
Without a second thought, you help him across,
Never realizing that in you; he has seen the cross,

The painful cries of the child tug at your heart,
Hungry for that; with what you’re ready to part,
Though you’re dead broke; holding to your last cent,
It suddenly hits you; it couldn’t be better spent

It all seems so strange and altogether wonderful,
A touch here, a thought there; it’s all beautiful,
It’s the heart of God, working through me and you,
Sprinkling His love; until all shines bright and true

Cornell (2008)

2 thoughts on “Sprinkles of Love

  1. May the heart of God continually inspire and guide u along with each new dawn. Great piece!

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