Kenya, My Child

I was born innocent; shield me,

From the trap of endless corruption,

From senseless and vain destruction,

Please do not tarnish my perception,

I was born blind; guide me,

To attain my lifelong mission,

To make every wise decision,

Please don’t corrupt my vision,

I was born weak; protect me,

Help me keep my every tradition,

Help me live up to my conception,

Guide me to bless every generation,

I was born rich; invest in me,

Let me grow into a great nation,

For greatness is my destination,

I was not made for destruction,

I was born fragile; mold me,

To embrace all of creation,

To facilitate everyone’s vision,

And respect every tradition

But now am crying; console me,

Restore back my tainted vision,

Pray for my soil salvation,

And stop this soul damnation,

My heart is breaking; heal me,

Stop dwelling on the question

Scar your knees for a solution

Wake up, accept the transition,

Let God’s love erase this damnation,

As His peace reigns upon this nation!

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