Praise Him in the Storm

With the world falling all around me,
And violence clouding all I can see,
Where can I find time to even smile?
The pain seems to soar with every mile

The baby is screaming with hunger,
Oblivious of the surrounding danger,
How can I sing a sweet soothing lullaby?
How can I muffle the chaos passing by?

Am walking under the shadow of death,
The pain is spelled out with each breath,
My feet are weary and I feel like falling,
My heart is broken and my faith failing,

“I will lift up my eyes unto the hills..”
Psalms 121 holds back my tears,
“From whence my help cometh..”
I have to hold on to the little faith,

But where’s the strength to stand up?
Where is the courage to look up?
How can I lift up weakened hands?
Will He hear my weak and faint cries?

Yet His promises echo in my mind,
Healing for the sick and sight to the blind,
He gave me free will; to make a choice,
I choose to listen to the still small voice.

I choose to lift up my weary hands,
And praise His name in all the lands,
I choose to worship in this sea and obey,
I will worship and praise this storm away.

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