Quiet Desperation

It’s a cry of every nation,
And we’re seeking salvation
Overcoming damnation
Coz we’re a dying generation
With one vision, a mission,
Heaven is our destination
The battle is on now,
The devil has been shown,
The door, he’s disowned

But my heart beats a sad song
Nothing close to hillsong
For each day that passes on
Makes it harder to hold on
Life pins me down,
To the ground
I feel so helpless
No outlet for the stress
The chains and this mess
So like Paul I will press
And checkmate in this chess
That the devil plays me

Quiet desperation,
That’s the story of my life,
The answer to the question?
Yeah, that’s right, salvation,
The ultimate solution,
Christ Jesus, the true son.
This is my vision,
My everlasting mission

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