The Wise Men (Christmas)

My heart is a tonne heavy and burdened,
My mind more confused and churned,
That a virgin is suddenly with child?
Is not a thought to be held so mild.

Yet the maze gets even more complex,
As the notion further continues to vex,
That a king is soon to be born?
Who will pluck away this thorn?

And just when I think it’s all over,
My brain is still stretched further,
The baby will save man from wickedness,
Can someone please stop this madness?

Finally, just when I get used to the idea,
Of celebrating a king’s birth every year,
“Heaven; He’s the only way” I hear,
Now, that’s definitely takin’ it too far!

But the heavens proclaim His majesty,
The bright star led to His eternal dynasty
Even the three wise men bowed and gifted away
Who am I to turn and look the other way?

-Merry Christmas to all the skeptics out there!!

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