Say A Prayer

It’s half past midnight when I spring to life,
Interrupting a night full of sleepless strife,
An escape from my nightmares is what I seek,
Coz each breath just leaves my spirit weak,

The day has been hectic and the hours long,
I should be in dreamland where I belong,
But sleep seems to escape my body and mind,
Rest and comfort seem to have been left behind,

No sleep tonight; at least not for this prince,
The notion still continues to make me wince,
As I face yet another insomniac adventure,
A burden for the mind; for the heart, torture,

My spirit is vexed, drowning and disquieted,
From the day’s let-downs and sins not confessed,
My conscience strives to keep me awake,
Reminding me to account for my own sake,

There’s only one solution to this insanity,
It involves dropping to my knees in humility,
And confess to the father for the sins of today,
To cast my burden so that He can take it away,

Perhaps your night tonight seems so long,
You’re aggrieved with wondering what’s wrong,
You’re burdened by what you never did right,
Perhaps the real question is; “Have you prayed tonight?”

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