The Unlikely Call

You had fun and laughed together,
They hang around you like a tether,
Buddies, pals; is what you called them,
Riding life behind you like a tandem,

The late-night calls and endless pagers,
Only yesterday you were teenagers,
Riding bikes and stealing pecks and kisses,
Just young kids minding their business,

The cheeky giggles still echo your mind,
As you drive ahead, not looking behind,
If only you could relive one day only,
The notion; you can’t help feeling lonely,

The buddies are now old, the pals grumpy,
No more peek-a-boos and feeling jumpy,
The years have slowly taken their toll,
You suddenly feel like you’ve lost it all,

Then a call comes in, it’s an old friend,
You had given up; at your rope’s end,
Though you strain, trying to recall Him,
No flash or memory ever returns of Him,

He’s always been there, but you never saw,
He’s always called, but you never answered,
He’s always been your buddy and your pal,
And now He’s asking you, to be eternally His.

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