Look on The Bright Side

Stepping onto the balcony of your house,
Not ready for what the sight will arouse,
The sun breaking the grey of the horizon,
A spectacular sight, inspiring your vision

Clearing your eyes of the parting dreams,
Who knows what lies in the morning beams?
The sound of the chirping birds distracts you,
A prelude to the tunes the day holds for you,

The wind across your cheek; a soft caress,
You close your eyes; savoring each breath,
Your mind and heart oblivious to the distress,
That serves as a carriageway to inevitable death.

Then John 10:10; so timely comes to mind,
Reminding you of how the devil comes to bind,
To steal your joy and destroy your happiness,
Yet Christ promises life; joy in excessiveness,

Will you choose to delight in God’s creation?
These beautiful sights; now coloring your vision,
Or will you dwell on pain and your past misgivings?
Why should you be held by already forgiven sins?

If teardrops fill your eyes, take time to smile,
If suffering pushes your limits; go the extra mile,
If pain brings you to your knees, take time to pray,
And when Jesus calls to you, don’t look away,

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